Clare reupholstered a car seat for us and did a fabulous job. I cannot express how delighted we are and what a fantastic job she did. She can source fabrics for you at very reasonable prices or you can provide your own. I have her lined up for loose covers later this year…..

Karen Calvert

Excellent work and such a lovely person. I have seen Clare’s work and it is without doubt Brilliant……….

Mandy Shrivin

“Such a talented girl. Quick, reliable and efficient. Highly recommend both for clothing and soft furnishings.”

Robyn Langford-Haigh

“Clare is the treasure you really do not want to share or tell people about because of the risk of her becoming too busy. Besides being the loveliest of persons, she is an out and out professional when it comes to anything to do with fabrics, be it alterations or making something from new, or advising where to source fabrics, pelmets, rails etc. The replacement gazebo cover she created for  us is superior to the expensive original; amongst others, she has replaced zips, shortened jeans, mended handbags, made beautiful, lined curtains for us; never has a job been too difficult or challenging for her nor have we had to wait; she has been prompt and come up trumps every time.”

Austin and Maureen Laferla

Clare a recouvert mes canapés et mes fauteuils d’une maniere exemplaire. Travail remarquarble! Prix abordables!

Jennifer de Chabaneix

I had a well worn Queen Anne chair which Clare recovered and I was absolutely delighted with the results. It now looks tailored/fitted but in fact it is removable. Clare was efficient and very helpful in advising about patterns and materials. On occasion I have also had clothes altered and the results were very professional. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Clare for any work in upholstery or alterations.

Kay Wainwright